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PillSuite- reasons why to make the change:

  • Packets are the most convenient way to handle dosages.
  • Clean, quality packets are designed for one thing- your pills.
  • Easiest to open and when put in the trash- know you are not polluting.


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Verses Ziploc bags:

  • Ziploc bags- Bio-degradable?
  • 'Zipping' almost never works the first time, many times it never seals.
  • Food grade- not all zip-locks are a clean food grade material.  Many are for small parts like screws and nuts- not a good idea for pills in your mouth.
  • Re-usability is not a good idea for drugs, from cross contamination to bacteria growth, clean packaging is a must. 

PillSuite Verses plastic containers:

  • Like re-usable bags plastic pill cases get dirty and are hard to clean.
  • Plastic lids often break.
  • When dropped (many complaints from people who have) pills often fly everywhere.
  • Terrible to travel with, they take up a lot of space and often pop open in a suite case.