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FAQ Page:

I often have issues opening plastic bags, are PillSuite's bags easy to open?

  • PillSuite has listened and taken action.  We have modified our packets to be thicker and easier to open.  Please note with the volume of orders there may be some PillSuite systems that have packets that may be hard to open.  Contact us and we will replace  ASAP. 

Are the packets safe for the environment?
  • Absolutely, they are made from a bio-degradable material.
  • Even the white ink is made from soybeans.

Why disposable packets verses zip lock bags?
  1. It is not good to re-use packages for medications, why? The coatings on pills can grow bacteria, look at pill boxes after several months of use!
  2. Many times the zip doesn't lock and the contents spill.
  3. Some medications interact so old pill dust can cause issues with new medications.
  4. PillSuite packets are competitively priced with high quality and earth friendly materials.
The Suite Sealer operates on four (4) AA Alkaline batteries that are included with your PillSuite System (always use this type of battery for power). How long do the batteries last?
  • The batteries included should last over 300 seals.

Will it fit in my medicine cabinet?
  • YES, it was designed to fit.
  • The sorter has 'feet' to stand on its edge.

What are the dimensions of the PillSuite System?
  • The packets are 3.25" x 2.25"
  • Sealer= 3.5” wide x 3” deep x  3” High
  • Sorter=  4.5” round +¾ “ scoop x 2” deep

What does TSA say about pills in bags?
  • Checking with TSA for traveling with medications shows they have no issue with re-packaging pills. As always it is a good idea to carry your prescription paperwork in case you need a refill or asked by customs. Never put your prescribed medications in a checked bag in case it is lost.
  • Traveling without prescription bottles is much easier. Plus, one side of the packet is clear to see the contents. 

How do I get more packets?
  • You can purchase more packets by clicking on 'Shop' at the top of this page.
How many pills fit in a PillSuite? 
  • We have customers put as many as 17 pills in a packet.  Large pills could be less, so accurate numbers are difficult.